Vietnam x Borrowlenses

My creative vision is influenced by my past experiences and growing up in poverty. It’s forced me to look at the world differently. I’ve lived long enough to make mistakes, shoot i’ve made PLENTY. But what I learned is that mistakes and discomfort lead to growth. I’ve surprised myself and learned a lot about how strong the human spirit really is. One of the main things that’s always persistently stuck with me was to never quit. Some of you know that my hard drive was stolen, it sucked. And I appreciate everyone who showed their support and concern. I couldn’t control what happened so I embraced it as a sign. I forced myself not to lose sleep worrying about something that I didn’t have control over because, at the end of the day, you still won’t have any control. This situation in particular made me appreciate that i’m here today, live and well to share with you all a piece of me and my work that summarizes my whole life into two minutes. Everything i’ve ever learned and have been influenced by has been implemented into this video. Enjoy it, and know that this is my favorite video by far that i’ve ever edited in my life.

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