Andy To iPhone XR video shows intimate side of NYC

Andy To is a rising creative with a poetic touch to video and quickly becoming a name to know. His name is now on the mind of Apple CEO Tim Cook, who gave the young filmmaker a shoutout on Twitter for a short on life in New York City captured all on the iPhone XR.

Shot on iPhone XR, tweeted by Tim Cook

Came across this tweet from Tim Cook: I spent a nice stretch in New York last week, and this video...

Andy To - From the Hood to the Universe

Andy To is a photographer and filmmaker based in NYC. Along with his partner in life and business Joycelyn Linh , he travels nonstop creating content for brands including Adobe, Sony, Adorama, Apple, major airlines, and tourism boards globally. Andy says he's dedicated his life to filmmaking and spreading positivity.

Photographers & Videographers & Joycelyn Linh & Andy To

From their early days of YouTube and photography, Oakland natives Joycelyn Linh (@jlinhh) and Andy To (@andyto) have taken their creative passions and moved them permanently to New York City as they continue to travel the world for projects.

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Filmmaker Andy To's personal journey to Puerto Rico tells the post-Hurricane Maria story of resilience, resolve and rebirth

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