Andy To Free For All

Hey guys! I’m opening up the #andytoFFA to the public for another round. This is my second time doing it so if you’re not aware of what an artist free for all consist of here are some details. It’s a creative collaborative process of people editing a specific artist’s photos. These are some of my favorite photos!
1. Download any raw file from the link on my bio
2. Edit the photo (get creative!)
3. Share the photo and tag it with (@andyto) and (#andytoFFA)
4. Most importantly, have fun!

Download link here:


Week 2 Selections

Cheers to another successful week of the #andytoFFA project! I feel like adding a couple more photos. What do you guys think? Comment below :)


Congrats to:

Top left: @emilyhuang27

Top right:  @heyitsmattt

Bottom left: @bcphillips

Bottom right: @rawy.fla