CSUEB Time lapse pt 3

Hello everyone here's a update to my time lapsing senior project of CSUEB. As of right now i've compiled over thirty time lapses for my project. I want you guys to take into account that for every 5 seconds of footage it takes 1 hour of time lapse. If i'm going to create a 3-4 minute video that means 180-240 seconds of footage. If you divide 180/5 that'll give you 36 hours of footage alone. This isn't including the post processing and rendering that i've had to do as well. To make my video more dynamic I decided to add aerial footage to my time lapse. I feel like no one ever sees CSUEB from the skies so I thought it would be more appealing to the eye. Here's a snippet of my latest aerial shots on campus at CSUEB.