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HELLO EVERYONE! (Cyber hug) I’m Andy To. Before I get into this “About Me” page, how is your day going? How did you get here? (you can answer in the comments below). I believe in genuine conversations, even if its small talk. Communication is one of my highest regarded values. So before I get started, thank you for taking time to read my bio! I was born somewhere in the bay area. I am a simple man who loves making photographs and capturing timeless moments. Being OCD in photography has actually worked toward my advantage. I’m addicted to straight lines and things looking symmetrical. You should see how organized my room is (laugh out loud). I used to take photos on my phone, then camera, now DSLR. Along the way I went to a university and learned some fundamentals about multimedia and photography. During my undergraduate years I had the opportunity to work with the Alameda County, City of Oakland, CSUEB, and other companies listed below. College was fun, and my job now, even more fun! Why I get up in the morning is because of the clients Ive worked with in the past. Making sure that our visions aligned and that the finished product either matched or exceeded their expectations is what helps me sleep good at night. Oh yeah, I received a bachelors degree in the end but what I valued most were the friends and relationships I was able to walk away with. That to me is priceless, just like working with clients. Even though you come in completely blind, I hope that we walk away friends. I will be that photographer that will break a lot of awkward moments. My creative juices flow during those serendipitous moments. I’m a full time freelance photographer that captures landscape and wedding photography. I’ve won a couple of awards, but you probably don’t care about that stuff. Traveling however is something that I really take pride in. The concept of being able to pack my whole life into a bag to travel to a unknown destinations motivates me to work harder everyday. Because of traveling I have this everlasting craving of trying new things. I’ve traveled and photographed distinct parts of the world such as Africa, Asia, Central America, India, and different parts of America. Traveling has been able to shape me because of the whole idea that I have to adjust to any situation.  With that said I hope you got to learn a little more about me, hope to hear from you soon! *PS. I love tacos

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