Life of: Andy To Pt. 1

This video is really personal but it's been a vision of mine for a long time. Now that i'm in my senior year and finally graduating in spring at California State University East Bay (CSUEB)  I feel that i've matured enough to share my story with the world. This is going to be a series of videos that tell the story of my life and how I was raised. This is just a rough cut but I wanted to get you guy's opinion if I should continue this story. 

Growing up I always felt like I was a good story teller. I feel like everybody has a story. My story is a little different. Being raised in Oakland, CA has challenged me my whole life. I wasn't projected to graduate high school. Through adversity I was able overcome the streets of Oakland. What happens after high school? Well I guess you'll have to stay tuned to see in the future episodes. I hope that these series of videos lead to a full on documentary. I feel that if people could relate to my story that it could really empower people and give them confidence.

The profession that I chose for myself was to be a story teller through film making. Documenting lives has always been interesting to me but to do my own has really been a challenge. 

Please feel free to message me or comment below with your thoughts or concerns. The criticism is welcome. Looking forward to what you guys think!


Here's another documentary I made for a homeless man in Oakland. I feel like this video really inspired me to make a documentary about my own life.