[Journal] #10

Just wanted to pay tribute to all of you guys who's been there for me and my work. 

For this post I wanted to share WHY I do what I do. Yes @instagram is about photos in particular, but I feel like that’s just half the battle. The stories for me are what makes the photo more beautiful beyond measure. Getting back into why, here’s a short story. When I was younger I was a social outcast, black sheep, misfit. It was hard growing up because I never had anyone to look up to for advice or any friends to speak my passion to which was ART. The reason for why i’m so “community” oriented now is because I would lust for such a thing as a child. I would wish that I had a community of friends who all enjoyed the same common interest. As of recently I've awaken my consciousness for the @Instagram community. I dug deep to research and understand it. What I've found is that the sense of community is the reason why we've been able to advance as a species. If it weren't for our ancestors sticking together to establish the circle of safety we wouldn’t of have been able to coin the terms “teamwork” and “community”. Thus creating @feedbacknation, an online community of creative like minded individuals. So if you want to find photographers/life enthusiasts, that’s the place to be. So why do I do what I do? It’s all grass roots, it comes from my upbringing. To conclude my story this photo represents new communities and friendship. This was the day when I got to meet so many amazing photographers in Yosemite that had the same love that I did about photography, thank you @independentcbh @2ndfloorguy @killakristen @lokal @5am @karl for the stories, and cheers to our creative futures!