Roman Reloaded

Nyx Face Awards

Have you ever shot a make up tutorial? Ask me about it being the boyfriend of a make up artist is NO joke. Throughout @JLINHH 's make up career i've been filming/editing all of her videos on her youtube. We've come a long way. The sets have gotten bigger, the editing more intense, and the content less predictable. This video and photos are for the NYX Face Awards. JLINHH was chosen upon 1,000 contestants to compete in the second round of the competition. Through this she had to recreate a pop inspired make up look. JLINHH decided that she wanted to recreate Nicki Minaj's Romans Reloaded. If you don't know JLINHH, Nicki Minaj was a instant choice because about a year or two ago JLINHH was all about Nicki. This set probably had to be the craziest of all of the sets we've done so far because of the time it took to prepare the set. We spent a lot of hours looking for props to recreate this theme. The studio we shot in was at CSUEB happily provided by James Saxon (TY SO MUCH). We took a total of 8 hours to prep and shoot the make up look. The final results came back amazing! We haven't done anything like this before so it was definitely fun and inspiring. It goes to show that when you're in a relationship, anything is possible. Here's the inspired look and the look we recreated. I wanted to give a huge shoutout to David Quach, Jonard LaRosa, Christine Bui, and Victor Xie for coming out and helping on set. Without you guys my life would've been a lot more complicated. Oh one more thing. If you can please cast your votes (up to three times a day) for JLINHH. She's competing against 29 other girls with the chance to advance to the third round. The link is provided down below.

Hey guys!! If you haven't already heard, I made it to the Top 30 in the NYX Face Awards!! Our second challenge was to recreate our favorite pop star or album cover so I thought why not recreate this pop star barbie?!