Audax's Grad Photos

Woke up this morning around 8am to get ready and meet up with Junior. He's graduating with a 6.0 GPA with a emphasis on mathematics. A couple of highlights from our shoot was the fact that we got to expose his passion and love for math by going to a classroom and creating a equation that'll represent him as a individual and his mastery in mathematics. It was a fun shoot and he said this was his first photo shoot. Overall his newbie skills prevailed and these photos came out great. Although CSUEB will be losing a great student the workforce will benefit from Junior's personality and hard work ethics. Congratulations Junior and best wishes to you and your endeavors. 

Breezy Bear!

Today I woke up around 5am to go to east bay to get some aerial footage with my new phantom 2! After getting the footage I met up with Jonard to have breakfast at Einstein's. He bought me a hand thing that helps with stress from using the mouse to much. Thanks Jo for the sandwich and for helping me out today! Afterwards it was around 9-10 and Bre made her way up to east bay to take her grad photos. I was honored when soccer star/ pokemon master asked me in class to take her grad photos. This session was fun because she brought props that were meaningful to her life and education.