#andytoedits 002 - We did it again

[LETS COLLAB] We did it you guys. Again. Back to back. The amount feedback i’ve received on this new project has been beyond words and enough to keep me up all night with a smile on my face. Just incase you don’t know what i’m talking about.. This video that you’re watching was contributed by you, the community. I called out all artists which included film makers, drone pilots, time lapse magicians, musicians, you name it. I could imagine the emotions you were all feeling when you contributed, “what is he going to do with my footage?” “What if he doesn’t choose my clips?” I FELT UNCERTAIN TOO! In my head I was like “THATS A LOT OF FOOTAGE” “HOW AM I GOING TO INCLUDE EVERYBODY?!” So to top it off I challenged myself to do something that I thought was literally impossible. We live streamed the whole event. I started at 11pm and told everyone watching that we were going to finish this together at 2am. I’m proud to share with you all the latest editing to the #andytoedits project. The full link is in the bio and guess what I’M DOING ANOTHER ONE. Maybe not today but i’m going to try to make this a weekly thing. 


If you’d like to participate please to submit your clips for #andytoedits 003


⚠️ No photos

✅ short 5-10 second clips

✅ PLEASE Label your clips (I.E. Timelapse/Aerial/Video)

✅ 2-3 Clips

✅ time lapses

✅ music 

✅ aerial footage

✅ add your IG handle



@frostysean - Video
Jamie Fenn - The Universe Express - Music
Joe Lee @joeleephotos - Timelapse/Aerials
Ryan Thompson @rynotime - Video
Dillonshook - Video
Craig Hensel - Timelapse
Queston Van Horne - Video
Adam Fizta - Video
Kenneth Xu @heykensta - Video
Sajan Gurung - @sajaaaaaaaaaaan - Timelapse
Minh Le - @minhute - Aerial
Andy Nguyen - @avnguyen_ - Video
Kyle Wolfe @kylewolfe_ - Timelapse
Jennifer Nguyen - @jenphur2 - Video
Galatea Gray - Video
Kaden Hart - Aerial
Christian Acosta - @chrisdnlacosta - Video
@gracekime - Video
Tristan Lawrence Berardo - Video
@frankie_senpai - Video
Ray - @ironlaks - Aerial
Lisen Ye - @liishenn_ - Video
Mae Lee - @heymaekay - Aerial
Duy Nguyen - Video
Daniel Alvarez - Video
Jason Luong - Timelapse
Michael Becker - Video
Ethan Craik - Timelapse
Jay X Bern - Timelapse
Ethan Craik - Timelapse
David Quach - @deeque_ - Video
Adam Fizyta - Video
Andrew Mcauliffe - @andrewmcauliffe - Aerial
Tyson Anweiler - @anwilder - Video
Art Medina - Video
Will Coakley - Video
Tristan Belardo - Video
Ben - @lovedeathtravel - Video
Chris Henderson - @independentcbh - Timelapse
Evans Head - Video
Adam Fizta - Video
Jay X Bern - When I make it - Music
Andrew Son - @itsandrewson_ - Video
Ryan Thompson - @rynotime - Timelapse
Minh Le - @Minhute - Video
Bobby Guieb - @bobbyguiebjr - Video
@5amcreative - Aerial
Taylor Kruger - Video
Kimberly Sauer - @kimberly.sauer - Video
Ethan Craik - Aerial
Borja Llorens - @borjallorens - Video
Daniel Alvarez - Video
Jonny Borruso - Timelapse
Jamie Fenn - The Universe Express - Flux - Music
Josh Neilson - @joshneilson_photography - Video
Rick Rivera - Aerial
Sheet Chaudhary - Video
Braxton Stuntz - @braxtnn - Video
Jennifer Nguyen - @jenphur3 - Video

Produced by - Andy To - @andyto