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Sooooo, I had this crazy idea. IT WORKED! I called out all artist, film makers, music composers, motion graphics artist. I'm asked that they submitted their short video clips, time lapses, aerials to the Dropbox link that I provided on my profile so that I could edit it all together into a collaborative video. Everyone who submitted has been credited in the finished video. Welcome to the #andytoedits video project! 


Would you like to submit?



⚠️ No photos

✅ short 5-10 second clips

✅ 2-3 Clips

✅ time lapses

✅ music 

✅ aerial footage

✅ add your IG handle

Quinn XCII - Another Day In Paradise (Prod. by ayokay) - Music
@5amcreative - Aerial/Timelapse
Akhilesh Rao - Video
Andrea Rivera - Video
@nvxnrg - Video
@a_trinimom - Video
@annevo_ - Video
@aisyahareena - Video
@braxtnn - Aerial/Timelapse
@briannguyen - Timelapse
@leftf0otforward - Video
@independentcbh - Aerial/Timelapse
@coco.rael - Video
@syntax_error - Timelapse
@davidkerrliving - Timelapse
@deeque_ - Video
Du Diep - Video
@gdmphoto - Video
@Jaylaaxx - Video
The Universe Express - Music
@jasonluong_ - Timelapse
Jay X Bern - Video
Jocelyn Nguyen - Video
@Jonnybgreat - Timelapse
@joshneilson_photography - Aerial
@yancy_mcfly - Video
kim gross - Timelapse
Lukas Huerta - Video
@samdessen - Timelapse
Shady Mawajdeh - Music
Sden13 - Video
@bevilacquavisuals - Video
TJ Morrison - Video
Trent Ly - Video
tristan Abelardo - Aerial
@anwilder - Video
tristan Abelardo - Aerial
Vladymir Paul Hector - Video
Jay X Bern - Timelapse
@jexjex - Video
tristan Abelardo - Aerial
Pete Alexander - Aerial

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